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YEG Dream Tarts is known for our signature tart cakes - a dreamy, delicious dessert that has created quite a buzz.
Made with the finest ingredients, our tart cakes are not too sweet and guarantee to impress anyone who enjoys them.


What is a 

A dream tart is a delightful French dessert made with a pâte sablée base, topped with a vanilla pastry cream/cheese frosting. It's then adorned with various flavor inserts and homemade toppings such as macarons, meringue cookies, chocolates, and other delicious treats, creating a visually stunning and mouthwatering dessert experience.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Custom Orders Ready in Just 24 Hours

  • Delicious and Unique Shaped Tarts

  • Exclusive Recipe Found Nowhere Else in the World

  • The Perfect Fusion of an Ice-Cream Cake and a Traditional Cake

From Birthdays to Weddings and all other events, we are proud to offer customized  DREAM TARTS in letters, numbers and shapes that perfectly capture your celebration.
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Experience the perfect fusion of an ice cream cake and a traditional treat with our Cream Tart Cakes - a delightful twist on a classic favorite!

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