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  • Can I pick up a day before the event?
    Yes absolutely. Just let me know what day works best for you.
  • Can you make a vegan or dairy-free cream tart?
    Unfortunately not at this stage.
  • Can you make themed cream tarts?
    Yes! We can add edible images in any theme requested. Simply add it in the comments when placing your order.
  • Can I freeze leftovers?
    Absolutely. They do freeze amazing.
  • How much notice is required?
    48 hours.
  • Do you make nut-free cream tarts?
    Not at this moment, unfortunately.
  • How much notice is required?
    48 hours minimum
  • What do you decorate with? Do I choose my own toppings?
    I don't provide a list of toppings. Usually I go by a color theme chosen by the client. All tarts do come with macarons, meringues (different shapes), home-made chocolates on top. Might contain fruits, real or artificial flowers, mixed candies etc.. It all depends on the color theme and availability of the products. I also try to accomodate other requests (such as extra macarons, fresh fruits on top or toppings that you'd like me to avoid). Extra fees might apply for special requests.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Unfortunately, not at this moment.
  • Are your cream tarts gluten free?
  • Do your tarts contain nut products?
    YES! All of our tarts contain almond flour and may contain traces of other nut products ( especially store bought toppings).
  • Do you use gelatin?
    I do not!
  • Are your cream tarts vegan or dairy free?
    No, they do contain egss & dairy products.
  • Are your prices exactly as shown on your website?
    They are, if no special add-ons are requested. The follolwing add-ons do come at an extra charge: A name added in fondant on the cake board is 5$. A pre-made Happy Birthday chocolate sign (white or dark chocolate) is 2$. Either one of these : Nutella, Caramel, Mixed Berries sauce are 5$ (each) if requested to be added inside the layers.
  • When should I pick up?
    I do reccomend to pick up on the day of the event. I usually decorate your tart on the same day.
  • Where are you located? Where can I pick up my order?
    Once you place an order you will receive an e-mail with pick up address. At this moment we are still a home based LINCENSED Business until our shop will be ready. We will be located on GATEWAY Blvd.
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